At Mundae Mold Specialists, we love to hear what our customers have to say about us. In addition, we would like our new clients to hear honest opinions about how we do business. As such, we’ve compiled a few reviews from our Google Local account about our company for you to view.

Mundae technician came over my house and they inspected my house for mold, let me tell you these people are very good on what they do, they inspected my house and gave me the results in 48 hours and recommended me what to do right away and fixed my mold problem.


Mundae Mold Specialists delivered excellent service! No one should ever be faced with mold growing in their home. I must say the crew at Mundae Mold Specialists made our home livable again. David and his team were on time, patient, thorough and very professional with their work. They maintained a clean house while working and came with top of the line equipment so that the work will be done right.


A representative from Mundae came to my apartment to check for mold in several places. He was so thorough and competent. I highly recommend him. He was sent to me by someone in my building who had a similar experience. He was able to fit me in to his busy schedule because I was worried about my mold situation.


“Thorough, friendly, professional. They answered right away, came to inspect same day, immediate email follow up after appointment was booked. David came to inspect — fast, friendly and experienced. Thanks for the tips and for the great service!”


My experience with Mundae this afternoon was wonderful. I recommend that you call them for any mold related concerns. The technicians were very efficient and honest when assessing the issues brought to their attention.