Flood Damage

flood damage

Water intrusion, whatever the cause, can create extremely unpleasant conditions within a dwelling. Improperly dried and left untreated, water damaged materials can quickly serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other microbial contaminants.

Sewage overflows, specifically because of their biological components, have the potential to create an extremely unhealthy environment, as well as inhibiting rather uncomfortable living conditions. A rapid response by our team, incorporating a variety of disinfectants, dehumidification equipment and drying equipment are the essential procedures for eliminating the unpleasant effects of water damaged materials/property.

In regards to our rapid response procedures, Monday will be there for you every step of the way during the cleaning and restoration process, as well as keeping you updated on how our work is coming along. We include in our equipment some of the highest-level machines essential to curing water damaged specimens. Kindly allow us the opportunity to make your home or facility look new and dry again!