Our Services

All of the products that are used and all of the abatement procedures that are used by Monday Mold Specialists are reliable and highly effective in the destruction of mold and other microgranisms. These products that are used by Monday Mold Specialists destroy and remove the existing spores thus leaving environmentally clean and sound surfaces. Monday Mold Specialists are constantly adding new products in order to stay on track with upcoming developments and procedures that are current within the industry. We here at Monday Mold Specialists use EPA approved ‘green’ products that are engineered to lessen any environmental impacts. With our clients needs in mind, Monday Mold Specialists provide diligent, prompt, reliable and cost effective solutions. Communications with our clients are ongoing and continues even after we have completed the work that we have been hired to do.

Monday Mold Specialists is all about being able to provide the most truest sense of customer satisfaction. That sense of customer satisfaction is when we are able to come to a home or facility and remediate and eradicate any and all mold or other contamination that may be going on. Monday Mold Specialists are able to provide this superior customer service because we always make sure that we use only the most up to date products and products that are being used by other top companies in our field. We want to make sure that when a customer calls about the services of Monday Mold Specialists they will have the guarantee and assurance that they are inquiring about the services of a highly reputable company. Monday Mold Specialists are proud to be able to offer our outstanding services and customer satisfaction quality work to the people of Houston and the surrounding areas.

When you decide to work with Monday Mold Specialists whether it is for mold remediation, water cleanup, dead body cleanup, or any other kind of biohazard cleanup, you will have that peace of mind knowing that you are working with a strong company. A company that takes pride in being able to employ technicians that have years and years of professionalism and experience. We here at Monday make sure that the products that we use for your job meet all local, state, and federal regulations and standards and that most of all that it is safe for you and your family. Our goal here at Monday Mold Specialists is to remedy your problem and not make it worse. This is the reason that we make sure that we use products that are up to date and most importantly are non-toxic and safe for everyone.

If you are a person who is living in the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas and are looking for mold remediation services, Monday Mold Specialists is certainly the place to go. They are proud to say that they use the latest in products to get all mold and contamination jobs done right and effectively. We use these products here at Monday so that the customer is satisfied each and every time that we do a job.