Decontamination is the process of removing hazardous materials from equipment, structures and the environment. Whether decontamination is performed by either physical or chemical methodology, it is a necessary component of all environmental remediation work.

In the mold industry specifically, decontamination involves the chemical disinfection of mold infected structures and the removal of mold spores and fragments, from the air, by the use of HE-PA filtration equipment. Decontamination may also involve the vacuum cleaning of surfaces with HEPA vacuum cleaning equipment.

Though not a ‘legal’ requirement, currently, for mold remediation, Monday adheres to the strictest standards of the industry, as outlined by the ‘NYC/EPA Guidelines for Mold Abatement’. Monday employs the finest technology available and employs it ‘liberally’ to ensure as complete decontamination process as reasonable as possible, for mold remediation and post-abatement clean-up!