Mold Remediation

Personal Protective Equipment

Mold Remediation can involve the complete disinfection and drying of mold contaminated material. The nature of the contaminated materials and the degree of contamination will determine the effective and appropriate remediation procedure that Monday Mold Specialists will use.

Building occupants and homeowners are recently now becoming more aware that there are health hazards associated with mold contamination. Moisture associated with water intrusion that end up on things such as sheetrock and wood have been noted as being the biggest reason for mold growing inside of a home. Mold growth can occur on the most common of building surfaces. The reason is that most of these building surfaces are made of organic materials. Mold can start growing within 24 hours after water intrusion and that is due to the organic makeup of the material that it has decided to grow on.

In a controlled enviroment, Monday Mold Specialists will perform a decontamination procedure. This is done in order to prevent any kind of cross contamination of possibly happening. After the remediation procedures have been completed, ‘air scrubbing’ is performed in order to remove any lingering air contaminants. There is also a ‘dehumdification’ procedure that is done to try and eliminate any moisture that could be in small cavities or other small and enclosed spaces.

Various types (genus & species) of molds have been medically and scientifically proven to cause many health issues. Some of those health issues are allergic reactions, respiratory tract sensitivity, chronic fatigue, bleeding inside of the lungs, and various types of cancer. Then there are those genus of molds that can damage furniture, destroy wood, and can even compromise the integrity of building materials. When a mold problem has been identified it is very important to make sure and have the problem addressed as soon as possible in order to reduce the exposure and the potential damage that could be caused.

When mold remediation is performed correctly and the proper precautionary measures have been taken, any future mold growth will be greatly minimized. The best case is that it will be eliminated and killed all together. Monday Mold Specialists like to pride themselves on being able to do the mold remediation project correctly each and every time.

Monday employs procedures that are consistent with modern industrial hygiene practices as well as EPA Guidelines in their mold remediation practices. Monday Mold Specialists do this is to ensure the homeowner that practically their whole home is now ‘mold free’.

Monday Mold Specialists is one of the top mold remediation companies in the Houston area and throughout the entire nation. Monday Mold Specialists are able to bring many years of knowledge and experience in the elimination and prevention of mold related, indoor air quality issues. At Monday Mold Specialists, we are able to let the customer know that their mold problems will now be addressed and taken care of. We are able to do just that because we have the professionals and experience to get the job done and most importantly making sure that our customers are satisfied.