Thermal Imaging

thermal imaging

Within the past ten years in the mold and Indoor Air Quality industry, Infra-Red (IR) or thermal imaging have been introduced as an extremely useful tool.  Thermal imaging is a useful tool for an investigator or inspector of homes that may be infected with a mold situation.

Monday always employs the latest technical innovations for both inspection and mold remediation work.  The IR camera of choice is the FLIR or Forward Looking Infra Red.  The use of this tool greatly enhances the quality of the inspections and will be able to pinpoint exact locations of water leaks and sites where there may be mold present.

Thermal imaging cameras are hand held devices which are designed to sense subtle changes in the temperature of surfaces.  An indication of this change of temperature can be a sign of an enviromental change in the structure.  These images are shown in scales of color.  Those colors range from violet to white.  The colors represent the various temperature levels that are present.  With thermal imaging cameras, an inspector will be able to visualize what is actually happening behind the surface that they are trying to inspect and test.  The thermal imaging cameras will be able to determine the enviromental changes which could be mold growth or water intrusion.  It is basically an X-Ray for the home without having to do any exploratory surgery!

Prior to the use of thermal imaging cameras in our industry, bore holes had to be drilled in specific surfaces.  Fiber Optic cameras would then be inserted into the holes in order to inspect the areas.  This process was very time consuming and was actually minimally destructive to the home or structure.  The use of thermal imaging technology will eliminate the need to have to drill any holes.  The inspections that will be done by Monday Mold Specialists will without a doubt be non-destructive.  Clients and landlords alike of Monday have said just how much that they like the use of thermal imaging equipment.

When it comes to interpreting the results of the thermal imaging camera, an inspector needs to be skilled and experienced.  Monday Mold Specialists have the professionals and experienced technicians when it comes to operating the thermal imaging camera equipment properly.  Basically, cooler temperatures are an indication of abnormal moisture or air leaks.  Warmer temperatures is an indication of mold growth or microbial activity.  An inspector needs to know how to correctly read a thermal imaging device.  Monday Mold Specialists can do just that. 

Along with the thermal imaging, an inspector will also conduct bio-aerosol and surface sampling.  This is done to further validate the readings of the thermal imaging camera.  Monday is certainly one of the first mold removal and mold remediation companies to employ and use this type of technology.  Monday Mold Specialists use only the latest and most up to date equipment that is out there.  We do this in order to make sure that our client gets the best quality service that is around.

Monday Mold Specialists are proud to offer their thermal imaging inspection services and mold removal and remediation services to the citizens of Houston and the surrounding areas.