Mold Inspection

mold inspection

At Monday Mold Specialists, we will be able to identify any suspected sources of mold spores within designated areas. Our primary goal is to have the customer completely informed and satisfied with the results of our company’s testing and identification procedures. Any and all data will be kept confidential and shared only with designated and approved customer representatives as determined by the integrated management team at Monday Mold Specialists.

There will be a full manual and visual inspection that will be performed at the property inquiring about Monday Mold Specialists and their services. All inspections will be done by certified and experienced technicians. The technician will visually inspect and survey the interior of the structure and will examine any water intrusion points. A photograph will be taken of any possible area that shows signs of mold and moisture. Any signs of mold and moisture will then be written down in a mediation report which then can be used for legal and non-legal purposes.

At Monday Mold Specialists, we will be able to perform non-invasive moisture content measurements with a humidity reader device in the air as well as moisture readings on the surface. A thermal imaging camera device will be used in order to detect elevated levels of moisture behind the drywall, insulation, and other materials. The technician will then perform an indoor and an outdoor air sample which will then be sent to a lab in order to be able to determine if and how much mold could possibly be in the air. Monday Mold Specialists technicians are equipped to perform a particle count test for immediate results and further assessment if necessary.

In the event that there is visible mold present, the technician will then take a swab sample and that sample will then be sent to the lab to confirm the presence of mold. Within 24 to 48 hours, Monday Mold Specialists will then contact you and will tell you verbally of the findings and the report on the swab sample. The office at Monday Mold Specialists will provide a person with a mold remediation protocol which will include photographs, lab results and findings, a comprehensive report of the mold job, the mold genera that has been identified, as well as recommendation for remedying any mold colonizations.

A Clearance Certificate will be awarded to the homeowner in case of the remediation recommendations are not based on the lab results. At the client’s request, a hard copy of the report will be mailed at no extra charge. Any inspection costs will be added to the remediation costs in case of mold remediation being needed.

The price for a full mold inspection procedure, including the lab results, will cost $500.

Overnight and same day reports are available at no extra cost. Additional samples may be taken at the customer’s request and they can be done for $125 extra per sample. Monday Mold Specialists know and understand all enviromental and regulatory issues when it comes to mold removal and remediation. Monday Mold Specialists are a IAQ/Mold certified company and one of the few that are located in the Houston, Texas area. As an IAQ/Mold company, Monday Mold Specialists have MD and PhD consultants on staff to provide the best in expert advice and consultation.

Monday Mold Specialists strive very hard to provide the finest in customer service and professionalism, no matter how large or small that the job may be.