Why Test For Mold

Mold spores or mold fragments, either living or dead, can cause a host of infectious or allergic responses.  Both humans and animals can both be affected by these responses.

Molds can be found everywhere.  They are part of the natural background of the planet that will live on.  Depending upon the specific climate and enivronment, mold exposure can be insignificant or it can be highly significant.  When it comes to the outdoors, there is very little that can be done to control the number of spores that may be airborne.  When mold and spores are found inside of a place, there are many options that can be taken.  When mold is growing indoors, it is a situation where there can be huge health consequences.  The reason is that very infectious species of molds which normally exist in small quanities outdoors can become very significant when they are indoors.  The indoor conditions for such a thing is very ideal.  A plumbing leak or any other kind of water intrusion, especially on environmentally conductive surfaces, can cause molds to amplify rapidly and significantly.

This is why you should call on Monday Mold Specialists to conduct mold tests to make sure that your home stays mold free. 

Examples of mold species which can cause infections or severe allergic reactions are Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Cladosporium.  In an outdoor environment, these species are kept in ‘check’ by other competitive species of molds.  Indoors, when growing on surfaces such as sheetrock and wood, significant populations of the spores can be produced and they can be produced in a relatively short period of time.  This is when airborne and contact exposure will most certainly occur.  Allergic reactions and upper respiratory infections are a likely response to these specific species of mold.

If a homeowner sees, smells, or believes that there has been an unresolved leak or a possible water intrusion situation or may be experiencing some of the symptoms that have been described below, it is highly advisable to hire an experienced mold inspector.  That is what we do at Monday Mold Specialists.  We are highly trained and experienced in being able to test for any and all kinds of molds.  Monday Mold Specialists can guarantee that the proper testing procedures are done in order to find out if any mold is present.  Monday Mold Specialists take very much pride in that we are able to afford to our customers the most up to date mold testing procedures and tests that are out on the market.  We do this to make sure that our customers are satisfied and that they are assured if there is any mold that may be present in the home.

If you are a person who lives in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas and believe that you may have some kind of mold infestation problem, Monday Mold Specialists is the place to call to call.  They will be able to test your home and any other surfaces and the air to see if the home has actually been infested with any kind of mold intrusion and spores.