Mold Prevention

We at Monday Mold Specialists take very much pride in being able to offer our mold remediation services to the fine and hard working folks of Houston. When it comes to mold, we at Monday go out of our way to make sure that any and all jobs that we partake in are done with the utmost of professionalism and efficiency. We want to make sure that our customers are satisfied each and every time that we are called upon. With that being said, there are things that a homeowner can do in order to help with the prevention of mold. If the homeowner is vigilant in being able to prevent mold from happening in the home then there is the heightened chances that mold will not appear.

Monday Mold Specialists always like to recommend steps that a person can take to make sure that their home or facility is always mold free. The very first thing that the homeowner can do is make sure that they make any quick repairs to a home to prevent any kind of moisture to be able to enter the home. Standing and intrusive water is nothing but a breeding ground for all kinds of mold infestation. Maintain all systems that keep some kind of atmospheric moisture such as rain and snow away from the building. This includes high levels of soil moisture which may infiltrate basements and single floor dwellings.

Make sure to maintain and repair all plumbing issues as quickly as possible. If one is to occur, dry and dehumidify the affected areas as quickly as possible. If high relative humidity levels exist in the structure, dehumidification equipment is highly recommended. Cold water pipes should be insulated to prevent condensation from dripping on to floors and surfaces. All devices which divert air to the exterior of the building should be maintained and moisture proofed. These such of devices include vents and fans.

Homeowners should always maintain the integrity of doors, windows, and skylights, etc. Wet and damp carpet should be dried and disinfected. Wood floors either exposed or below the carpeting should be thoroughly cleaned as well. If a major leak were to occur, proper drying and dehumidification is very, very important. Any other conceivable steps which are used to eliminate or reduce moisture exposure and infilitration are all preventable measures to prevent any kind of microbial growth.

Following all of this, if a building owner or tenant is suspecting some kind of mold situation by either visible observations or the presence of foul odors, please contact Monday Mold Specialists as quickly as possible. The earlier the mold situation is addressed, the easier and less expensive the mold remediation procedures are going to be.

Do not waste any time when you expect you could have a mold infestation problem. Contact Monday Mold Specialists today. Monday Mold Specialists are proud to serve the people of Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas with the professional and experienced mold remediation services that they can expect to receive.