Clearance Testing

Post-abatement is the process of making a visual inspection then taking duplicates of post-abatement testing. These duplicate samples are taken in order to determine if the mold removal or mold remediation procedure that was done was able to be successful. Clearance sampling is a standard practice in every aspect of the hazardous materials and environmental industry. Though not currently required legally in the mold remediation industry, Monday Mold Specialist pride themselves in adhering and following the guidelines that have been set forth by the EPA when it comes post-abatement clearance testing.

When it comes to post-abatement clearance testing by Monday Mold Specialists, the general testing consists of bio-aerosol sampling and there is also the implementation of thermal imaging. This testing is done in order to confirm that all mold infestation is completely removed. This is done in order to assure and confirm to the homeowner and customer that their mold problem is eradicated and is under control. Monday Mold Specialists takes a lot of pride in their work. We have a strong and solid reputation to hold and live up to the expectations of the citizens of Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. Monday Mold Specialists are also noted as being a top mold remediation company across the nation. With that kind of reputation, Monday Mold Specialists goes out of their way to make sure that the homeowner is satisfied each and every time.

Post-abatement clearance testing is another tool to give the homeowner a solid notion that their home is now safe and free of mold. The equipment that we use are state of the art and are very modern for today’s world of mold removal and mold remediation. The post-abatement clearance testing that is done by Monday Mold Specialists is non-invasive. This means that we will not have to do any drilling or any kind modification of destruction of any part of the home. The bio-aerosol testing is done in the air so the home and its structure will not be compromised. The same thing can be said for thermal imaging. Monday Mold Specialists have thermal imaging technology that shows the temperature changes that could be found in a home. The various temperature changes are an indication of the presence of mold or water intrusion. The thermal imaging camera is sort of like an x-ray machine for the home.

After all post-abatement clearance testing has been done by Monday Mold Specialists, our technicians will then explain the testing to the homeowner. Monday Mold Specialists are able to afford to the customer reports that can be used for legal and non-legal issues and reasons. These reports will go into detail as to what kind of procedures and work that was done on the home by Monday Mold Specialists. Post-abatement clearance testing is done in order to confirm that all of the information that is on the reports are correct. It is done to validate all work that has been done by Monday Mold Specialists.

Post-abatement clearance testing is done by Monday Mold Specialists to ensure the homeowner that their home is completely safe and that their mold problem has been remediated.