Unattended Death Cleanup

An unattended death may be one of the worst-case scenarios, as a decomposition or ‘decomp’ bio-hazardous situation. In most situations, of this type, where days and even weeks have gone by, before the body is discovered, decomposition has produced materials which have infiltrated the surrounding structures and, of course, the air. These materials include proteins, fatty acids and multiple chemical agents produced by cellular decomposition. These materials can also act as a substrate which supports secondary bacteriological growth and also fungi.

The odors produced from a decomposing body act as attracting agents for insects and potentially other vermin, such as rats.  Many times it is the odors which attract the attention of neighbors, indicating that something is amiss. The discovery of such a situation is both visually and psychologically overwhelming to anyone who has not been initiated to such a situation! In addition these materials released can be a source of harm and potential infection!

Our company is both equipped physically and psychologically to deal with and properly re mediate such a situation. Our technicians employ all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), the latest dis-infecting protocols and the appropriate technology to sanitize and DE deodorize the affected materials and the environment, returning the environment to its’ pre-incident condition.