Crime Scene Cleanup

Monday bio-hazard remediation is an insured and technically certified organization, providing services for situations, involving severe trauma, which has resulted in severe injury or death. These unfortunate situations can include accidents, homicides, suicides and unattended deaths. These situations are unfortunate ‘facts of life’ and can leave a location biologically contaminated, unless proper clean-up, disinfection and remediation are performed.

Of all the above mentioned situations, an unattended death can prove to be the worst case scenario. Many times, by the time the deceased has been discovered, severe decomposition has occurred and the body’s tissues and fluids have become incorporated into the surrounding structures. The odors associated with decomposition can be horrendous. A situation like this requires true professionalism in the disinfection, removal and remediation of all affected materials.

Whether a homicide or suicide, depending upon the weapon used and the relative position of the deceased with respect to the surrounding materials, bodily tissues and fluids can literally be scattered about the entire location. Shotgun injuries can prove to be the worst because of the ‘spread’ of the pellets as they strike the body and disperse the biological matter. Ballistic trajectories can deposit bodily materials onto all surfaces and incorporate them into structural materials.

All of our technicians are certified and comply with EPA and OSHA standards to address infection issues!