Blood Cleanup

The cleaning and disinfection of any blood or bodily fluids, can expose the technicians or the inhabitants of a dwelling or location to Blood Borne Pathogens, which may include HIV, HBV and HCV or any other microorganism which employs blood as its’ vector.

Our company’s technicians are all OSHA certified to address these situations correctly and employ the proper means of dis-infection and sterilization when addressing blood or OPIMs (other potentially infected materials). These OPIMs include all bodily tissues and fluids either containing blood or have been in contact with blood.

All blood or OPIMs have the potential to spread infection, if not properly cleaned and completely dis-infected. As one primary example, the HBV virus can remain viable in blood which is completely dry, for a period up to ten days following the accident!

In accordance with EPA and OSHA regulations, all of our technicians employ ‘universal precautions’ when addressing such concerns(blood Cleanup).