Bio-Hazard Remediation

Any material which is infected by any living or previously living microorganism is classified as a ‘Bio-Hazard’. Not all of these situations are necessarily dangerous but many of them such as feces, sewage and blood have the potential to very quickly produce a highly infectious situation. Even large quantities of commonly occurring molds also have this potential!

There is a misconception that these hazardous materials require physical contact in order for any disease to be transmitted. Breathing or inhalation is also a potential route of exposure for specific microorganisms and is the primary route of exposure for the chemical by-products these microorganisms produce. It is important to have environmental issues of this nature addressed by professionals, both for an initial assessment and the appropriate clean-up, which is referred to as ‘Bio-Hazard Remediation’. It is also important that these professionals employ the correct personal protective equipment when conducting their work!

Our company employs a university degreed biologist and consulting medical professionals, along with remediation technicians who are all EPA, DOH and OSHA certified, to insure that appropriate measures are being conducted and work is being performed in accordance with state and local requirements. Our company also employs the OSHA mandatory vaccination program, to protect our workers from exposure to Hepatitis B.