Mundae Bio-Hazard


The Mundae Mold Specialists Bio-Hazard division has been in operation for ten years. Not long after starting Mundae Mold Specialists as a mold remediation company, we decided to formulate and start our own Bio-Hazard division. Bio-Hazard removal is certainly part of the field of work that we participate in. At Mundae Mold Specialists, we are dedicated to making sure that all homes and or facilities are completely safe for families to live in.

In regards to what kind of Bio-Hazard services that we offer at Mundae Mold Specialists, we are able to hasten the removal of hazardous biological wastes emanating from crime scenes or other such type events. The events could be such things as homicides, suicides, accidents, extreme hoarding, etc. The types of biological material that we remove are blood, urine, feces, and other substances that must be removed from a scene for safety concerns.

As with our other fields of work, Mundae Mold Specialists and our Mundae Bio-Hazard division and technicians are highly qualified, certified, and trained in their profession. Our remediation technicians have all undergone Blood Borne Pathogen training. The training that the technicians at Mundae Mold Specialists and their Bio-Hazard division undergo is in accordance with the federal regulations that are set forth by OSHA, or better known as the Occupational Safety Hazard Association. This is the same certifications and procedure that need to be met at any major facility such as a hospital, a factory, airport, or any other place where a lot of people work or are congregated.

If you live in the Houston area and you believe that you may be facing and are concerned about hazardous biological substances, the first thing that you should do is call Mundae Mold Specialists and their Bio-Hazard division. Mundae will ensure any customer that these hazardous chemicals are removed as quickly as possible. If you wait too long, the increased exposure of the hazardous chemicals will only make the situation that much more worse and will do more and more damage.

The Bio-Hazard division at Mundae Mold Specialists is a team of highly professional and experienced technicians. They have the experience to be able to take on any and all biological hazard situations that will arise. Our Bio-Hazard division is proud to say that they have the latest technology and tools when it comes to biohazard chemicals and their hazardous conditions that they can harbor. Again, as with the other parts and divisions within Mundae Mold Specialists, we pride ourselves in having the latest and most up-to-date equipment in order for us to effectively do the job for which we have been hired to do. Mundae Mold Specialists and their Bio-Hazard division take a lot of pride in customer and consumer satisfaction.

If you are encountered with a biological hazard condition and live in the Houston, Texas area, please call Mundae Mold Specialists and their Bio-Hazard division. Mundae Mold Specialists has the experienced technicians that will be able to get your biological hazard condition under control in no time.


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